Drain Cleaning NYC

When obstructions are caused by grease, oil, and tree roots, seek professional assistance. For large or small sewer problems, The Empire NYC Plumbers has proven effective in unclogging and cleaning the drains and pipes. The Empire NYC Plumbers refers to our promise of hassle-free service. For many years, New Yorkers have trusted the staff at Empire NYC Plumbers. So, in this article let’s know more about Empire NYC Plumbers, one of the best Drain Cleaning NYC.

About Empire NYC Plumbers

Your next sewer cleaning emergency will receive a prompt, thorough response from the Empire NYC Plumbers drain cleaning service. In the majority of cases, Empire NYC Plumbers’ skilled professionals are able to offer upfront pricing. The Empire NYC Plumbers crew has been maintaining and cleaning New York City’s underground infrastructure for a long time. You save money because of our expertise and efficiency. You can feel secure knowing that our essential values of honesty and integrity are upheld.

Technicians from our licensed and insured water main and sewer contracting businesses can repair the problem swiftly, whether it requires a straightforward drain cleaning or a significant sewer improvement.

We also take great pride in providing outstanding customer service. We make sure that everything is finished in accordance with your requirements and your schedule from the moment we make our initial consultation call until we bid our specialists farewell. We are committed to giving our customers five-star service at a cost they can afford. Additionally, we are aware that the greatest projects are carried out when the homeowner is well aware of the steps required for a job effectively done. When all is said and done, you’ll understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what you may anticipate.


How We Work

A comprehensive selection of expert cleaning and repair services is provided by Empire NYC Plumbers. You may rely on the Empire NYC Plumbers to have a workable answer if the range of the services you seek extends beyond a straightforward sewer cleaning. Drain cleaning, video camera inspections, and water jetting are a few of the services we offer. So, take a look at how we clean a drain below.


Pipeline Inspection

To see within your sewer system, the experts at Empire NYC Plumbers can use a specialized video inspection camera. At the end of a snake-like line is a camera for pipeline inspection. Our personnel use a pipeline inspection camera that has a locating beacon and 200 feet of cable. We utilize a detector and a locating beacon together to pinpoint the exact location of any damage or blockage in your sewer system.


Drain Clog Removal

To clear stubborn clogs, Empire NYC Plumbers proudly uses cutting-edge equipment from the industry, such as the drain cleaning power snake. You spend less time on the job site and money thanks to the innovative Dial-A-Cable power feed. A sewer pipe failure could be indicated by significant root growth. In some instances, a sizable portion of the pipe run might need to be replaced. Sometimes copper sulfate and root cleaner are used to kill roots inside a drain pipe, depending on the degree of the obstruction.


Water Jetting

We attach a hose to the drain line and use a water jet to send highly pressurized water via a nozzle at the end of the hose. The selection of tools offered for drain cleaning services recently included water jetting. Our drain jetting equipment is perfect for tough chores including removing fat, oil, grease, sand, and silt. With a 3,000 PSI water stream, they are a superb option for industrial uses like restaurants. Friction is decreased using the proprietary pulse technology.


Drain Cleaning Services We Provide

We have the proper equipment and are the right personnel for the job. The motto of Empire NYC Plumbers is “Done right the first time” for this reason. The Empire NYC Plumbers team is recognized across the business as an effective expert who will guarantee that your drain cleaning or sewer cleaning service is completed accurately and on schedule. Your drain cleaning service can be arranged at your leisure because we respect how valuable your time is.


Bathroom Drains

One of the drain cleaning services offered by Empire NYC Plumbers is bathroom drain cleaning. Bathroom drains are relatively simple to clean by Empire NYC Plumbers professionals. Regardless of how difficult the problem is, our experts can solve it.


Kitchen Drains

One of the drain cleaning services offered by Empire NYC Plumbers is cleaning the kitchen drain. Since they collect grease, oil, and other debris, kitchen drains need to be cleaned frequently. Your problem can be helped by our expert.


Laundry Drains

One of the drain cleaning services offered by Empire NYC Plumbers is for laundry drains. Usually, debris and residual deterrents clog laundry drains. Call us today to have your laundry drains cleaned.


Drain Pipes

Drain pipes often get clogged by debris, oil, grease, and even by root development. Drain Pipes is one of the drain cleaning services Empire NYC Plumbers provides. even if you see a water back flow then call us to clean your drain pipes.


Bathtub Drains

Bathtub drains get clogged by hair and soap residuals. In this situation, you need to call us to clean bathtub drains. 


Sewer Lines

Your home’s plumbing system is extensive, tying all of your home’s piping into your main sewer line. That’s why when a sewer line problem hits, you need to take action. Contact us for a fast, efficient sewer line clean.


Why Choose Empire NYC Plumbers?

Our goal is to conduct ourselves in a way that is sincere, moral, and professional. We promise to give people in need a timely, accurate response as well as superior sewer and water line services to our customers. We will have a proud and committed workforce if we uphold high standards of conduct. The Empire NYC Plumbers team will thereafter be treated with respect and dignity and will be given the opportunity to realize our full potential as people.


Advanced Equipment

Our draining line cleaning services use jet rodding skills to clear out all the accumulated deposits and dislodge sewage clogs. A jet rodder functions similarly to a jackhammer, except instead of using a metal edge to hammer, it uses short bursts of extremely pressurized water.

In order to remove tough buildup on the inside of the pipes, we use high-pressure water blasting for sewer drainage line cleaning.


Proper Inspection

Prior to the drainage line cleaning project, we offer a video examination of the drains and lines to identify the origin and position of the obstructions and buildup.


Efficient Craftsmen

Our tele-inspection technology will enable the targeted removal and protection of the pipe systems if you are unsure of the cause of your flow problems.


We Can Candle Difficult Works

We offer Hoover help that clears grit, sludge, and slit from the drainage systems when hard, difficult, and fragile deposits are clogging lines and other tubes.



There may be a blockage farther down your drain line or main sewage line if you have tried to fix the issue yourself but your drains are still clogged or you are having several clogged drains. It might be necessary to call in a professional NYC drain cleaning expert in this situation.


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